Saturday, November 23, 2013

Autumn's Sky Continues with Week Three!

Well since my physical I have been doctoring with a few things. I guess I must admit I am not 21 any more LOL. There are some signs of aging, hee-hee. Went to cardiac today to get two types of heart monitor. A holster 24 hr one and an event monitor that I have to use for a month. Gosh! We'll just deal with things once the tests come in and I learn more. Goodness!

It is so itchy though, and I can't take a shower. ugh! ;P

Well here is week three of Autumn's Sky... enjoy!

Full kit upon completion!

Here is Week 3
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Have a great Week All!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn's Sky Continues with Week Two

Hi all,

Well I made it through a very busy week again. I tried to cut back and work 50 hrs only this week but somehow I still ended up working some 65 hrs. Oh, Man!!! Anywho...

Not much to say here except I live breathe work and get some sleep in between a bit, LOL! It does not look like I will have the time to commit to a design store any time soon. I will be trying my hand at setting up a shop on my own site however so wish me luck!

Here is WEEK TWO of Autumn's Sky.

Full Kit once complete...
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Long Awaited Autumn's Sky! ;)

Weeeeeee.... I have been on a whirl wind ride. I went to Dallas Texas for a week of intensive training and stayed in a luxury hotel and just had a blast! Then I cam home and the very next day started working at the Samsung store that Saturday morning last month. Phew! I have been working solid 65 hour weeks and sometimes 15 hour days. OMGosh! so busy to say the least. But I am doing it!!! I LOVE my new job!

Anyway. I have been rushed off my feet all month. Last Saturday was my first day off all month and I slept all day LOL. I have tomorrow off so I thought that I would change things up a bit and post my kits after work late Friday nights so they are available during the weekends. Good idea, yes?

 I just love the combinations of the blue/pink autumn sky and all of the turning leaves and browns of autumn.

Here is the first part of Autumn's Sky.

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