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I am so glad that you are here. I am excited to say that this is my new blog. I am doing business now as Crystal'z Colorz. I was previously designing as Crystal's Creations (by design).

I will be posting digital scrap-booking tutorials, CU tutorials as well as freebies and recipes from time to time.

I am currently not selling in any stores for now. I will try to post a portion of a scrap kit every Friday evening so come back for a visit each Weekend!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blimey!!!! OUCH!

Hello All! :)

I just want to pop in to post this week's portion of the Mello Moments kit.

Hopefully I'll find the time to write a bit more next week as I am off my feet due to a knee injury. Ack! Just when things were starting to go well after surgery... well, I did need to slow down a bit anyway. haha.

Yup, I was bent down cleaning and felt a minor stretch on my knee one day this week. Then I fell on my knees a couple times cleaning. Then I reached down to lift a heavy box of brochures from the floor and kinda felt another small stretch to the same area.

On the way out of our break room that afternoon I was just walking normally and felt a "POP" sensation in that knee. Criminy! Doctored all day the next day. What with x-ray and such. I find that it is a bad sprain. Both meniscus and ligament damage. Oy!

Well, at least I'll have a bit of time off to post something readable... mrahahahaha! Well... gonna wind up here and head to bed. I have a long day planned tomorrow with back to work and all. Oy!

Here is Week Two of Mello Moments.
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