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I am so glad that you are here. I am excited to say that this is my new blog. I am doing business now as Crystal'z Colorz. I was previously designing as Crystal's Creations (by design).

I will be posting digital scrap-booking tutorials, CU tutorials as well as freebies and recipes from time to time.

I am currently not selling in any stores for now. I will try to post a portion of a scrap kit every Friday evening so come back for a visit each Weekend!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apple Pickin' Week three

Hi all!!!

Speaking of Apple... did anyone stand in line to get the new Apple i-phone 6 on Friday??? I know Our local Best Buy was a zoo! mrhahahaha.

Electronics- Did anyone know that Samsung and Verizon and AT&T have started the pre-order process for the new Galaxy Note 4 mobile cell phone on Friday at BestBuy? Woo-hoo. I know I want one!

My favorite feature of these Note version Galaxy phones is the ability to multi-screen. You can run two apps at the same time or as an example... two internet browsers. i.e. a map and your contacts. shows the map and directions via GPS to your contact's destination AND view the contact address. THEN with the help of Air View with the S-pen, (stylus). You can also view and pull up a phone app to call the contact as in for direction or ETA of arrival, etc.  I LIKE!!!

Not only that but the note will also come out with an EDGE version... the Note Edge phone.

This one has a special curved viewing screen on the EDGE of the phone.. How Great is that?!!!!

Now for Week 3 of Apple Pickin' ...

Direct download HERE