Sunday, September 28, 2014



Sorry I am posting this a bit late. I was really busy this weekend having fun :)
My Father was over to help me cut up apples and make apple pie and spice cookies. Unfortunately they were not my best efforts... I've had a lot on my mind.

The number one son also came over and gave me a couple of nice hugs!! I just love him to pieces even if he is all grown up! lol.

I also met up with an old friend, Alise, about an hr and a half drive away and we saw the new Jane Fonda movie This is Where I Leave You. 4 1/2 stars. I really liked it!

So my health has been a little shaky lately...

Here is a snippet from my personal Facebook page...

"To all my favorite peeps...Facebook friends, scrap-booking buddies and designers. I have been informed that I need a heart ablation procedure. Things are a bit rough right now so if I may ask you to please send prayers. My surgery is scheduled for Wed. Nov 19th. It's been a few days now and I have finally decided to post this. It should improve things as I find movement, stairs, and physical endeavors a challenge with the erratic rhythms and low heart rates. - [Hugs]

AND.. here is the next section of ...
Apple Pickin' Week 4 is here! 
Week 4
 Direct Download:  HERE

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apple Pickin' Week three

Hi all!!!

Speaking of Apple... did anyone stand in line to get the new Apple i-phone 6 on Friday??? I know Our local Best Buy was a zoo! mrhahahaha.

Electronics- Did anyone know that Samsung and Verizon and AT&T have started the pre-order process for the new Galaxy Note 4 mobile cell phone on Friday at BestBuy? Woo-hoo. I know I want one!

My favorite feature of these Note version Galaxy phones is the ability to multi-screen. You can run two apps at the same time or as an example... two internet browsers. i.e. a map and your contacts. shows the map and directions via GPS to your contact's destination AND view the contact address. THEN with the help of Air View with the S-pen, (stylus). You can also view and pull up a phone app to call the contact as in for direction or ETA of arrival, etc.  I LIKE!!!

Not only that but the note will also come out with an EDGE version... the Note Edge phone.

This one has a special curved viewing screen on the EDGE of the phone.. How Great is that?!!!!

Now for Week 3 of Apple Pickin' ...

Direct download HERE

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hello There!

Well Hello! Thank you so much for the prayers! Things are ok so far. My doctors now find another nodule on my thyroid so I hope things go as well for the thyroid and that it is benign as well. I will find out Thursday 9-18 at my consultation.   :) And watch during this week for a secret bonus!!!

Here is week two of my digital kit 'Apple Pickin' 

Direct download HERE

Saturday, September 6, 2014

NEW! Freebie for Fall - Apple Pickin'

Hello All-

I'll be doctoring this week so I don't have the where-with-all to come up with a big post for you today. If you can find a little time to send a prayer for me it would be greatly appreciated. I'm having heart issues and a CT scan on my lung as they found a nodule there.  So...

Anyway, I am starting a new six week kit for you... Here is Apple Pickin' and the first weeks' mini kit!!! How great is that!!???

direct download HERE