Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Autumn's Sky Week Four

Hi, Hi...

Well, I made through my first Black Friday retail event at the Samsung Experience Shop last weekend... Man! Things sure were busy. If you have not had a chance to check out the Samsung Galaxy line, it has a lot going for it. WOWZERS!!!

For those waiting for the next installment of the Autumn's Sky kit... 
Here it is!

 The full kit once complete!
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Autumn's Sky Continues with Week Three!

Well since my physical I have been doctoring with a few things. I guess I must admit I am not 21 any more LOL. There are some signs of aging, hee-hee. Went to cardiac today to get two types of heart monitor. A holster 24 hr one and an event monitor that I have to use for a month. Gosh! We'll just deal with things once the tests come in and I learn more. Goodness!

It is so itchy though, and I can't take a shower. ugh! ;P

Well here is week three of Autumn's Sky... enjoy!

Full kit upon completion!

Here is Week 3
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Have a great Week All!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn's Sky Continues with Week Two

Hi all,

Well I made it through a very busy week again. I tried to cut back and work 50 hrs only this week but somehow I still ended up working some 65 hrs. Oh, Man!!! Anywho...

Not much to say here except I live breathe work and get some sleep in between a bit, LOL! It does not look like I will have the time to commit to a design store any time soon. I will be trying my hand at setting up a shop on my own site however so wish me luck!

Here is WEEK TWO of Autumn's Sky.

Full Kit once complete...
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Long Awaited Autumn's Sky! ;)

Weeeeeee.... I have been on a whirl wind ride. I went to Dallas Texas for a week of intensive training and stayed in a luxury hotel and just had a blast! Then I cam home and the very next day started working at the Samsung store that Saturday morning last month. Phew! I have been working solid 65 hour weeks and sometimes 15 hour days. OMGosh! so busy to say the least. But I am doing it!!! I LOVE my new job!

Anyway. I have been rushed off my feet all month. Last Saturday was my first day off all month and I slept all day LOL. I have tomorrow off so I thought that I would change things up a bit and post my kits after work late Friday nights so they are available during the weekends. Good idea, yes?

 I just love the combinations of the blue/pink autumn sky and all of the turning leaves and browns of autumn.

Here is the first part of Autumn's Sky.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Delay to Autumn's Sky

Sorry folks...I will be away on a business trip for a week. I hope to post at some time during the week depending on the internet connection there. I will not be able to post the freebie this Sunday.

I got a new job and I am flying off to Texas for a week of intensive training! I am so excited!

Anyone seen any navy/ dark blue slacks/ pants/ Dockers for women size 20 or 22? Anywhere? I need them for my uniform.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Concluding Sea Swept

Hi all,

I went away at the spur of the moment this weekend. I thought that my friend's internet connection up at her lake house would be strong enough to make my post, but alas, that did not work out. so I am late posting again this week....so sorry!

I drove 3.5 hours, about 185 miles to her house up in Wilmar, MN. We cleared out her garden and picked several buckets of tomatoes. We were planning on making 5 recipes but ended up canning three recipes and had fresh tomato BLTs, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwiches. YUM!

We made salsa and jalapeno Christmas jelly and then a couple jars of Italian Stewed Tomatoes. Proved to be a very productive weekend. I made it home late last night, just in time to have a few hours before going in to work this morning. I had to basically unplug all weekend. I missed my Internet, LOL!

So, here is the last week and section of Sea Swept... Next Sunday I will post the first part of Autumn's Sky.

So this is next week's Freebie:
The full Sea Swept Kit...
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Beauty for your Sundays - Sea Swept

Well this ended up being a harder week than I thought that it would be. My Birthday was an amazing day on Monday the 16th, I had a surprise invitation to lunch with my cousin. And then out of the blue I got together with my Dad for supper (It had not previously been planned either.) Then the week continued with job interviews and lots of running around.

I worked longer days than usual because I had taken off for My Birthday on Monday. A ten hour day on your feet is a long day. LOL!

Well the poll finished with Autumn skies in the lead to be the next freebie kit. I'll try to have larger parts so the kit finishes a bit quicker, say, in about a month instead of two months.

Well I'm going to finish this post and then schedule it to post tonight... I have house cleaning to do as I have a housing inspection on Tuesday.

FULL kit when complete (all parts)
Sea Swept

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Belated Birthday - Sea Swept

Well, I had a blast of a time traveling for my Birthday. Hee-hee.

I drove 80 some miles to visit my son last Saturday, it really made my day!!!

Then, I drove the next day 110 miles down into Iowa to meet an old friend and see a movie and have dinner. I also popped into the McDonald's down there and visited with my friend and co-worker from McDonald's. She moved down there. So I had to say "hi".

BTW, Immortal Instruments- City of Bones is an awesome movie. Just the kind I like in Sci-Fi/ fantasy! Loved it!

Another year older... sigh.

Here is Week 5 sorry that it is late. 
The complete kit with all 7 parts

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sea Swept: Freebie Week 4

A quiet week for me...

This kit freebie Continues! -
This is the complete kit once all the pieces are revealed.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sea Swept Freebie: Week Three

I acquired some huge zucchinis this week. I plan to bake a batch of zucchini snack break to take in to work. Yum! I am going to Google a recipe for this as I can not find my friend Betty's yummy yummy recipe. If it turns out tasting good then I will scrap it up and add it to the recipe pile!

I plan on having some recipe cards published into some 4x6 or 5x7 albums someday soon. I had been printing them out on my printer but I seem to be going through the ink that way fast! LOL. I ended up giving my album to my cousin Marsha when she was visiting. So now I have to peek at my tablet for my good "keeper" recipes! But that's alright, cause I love my tablet too!

On another note... The job hunt continues. I recently graduated in I.T. (computer work) and Business Admin. I have A.A. degrees in the fields. I am so excited to be done! But... Now they are teaching C# and writing apps. So cool. I can study the new course material for free, just a perk of doing the Tech route at Minnesota School of Business (Globe College). I only had to pay for the book, Woot!

I have made a cute little windows app to play Rock, Paper, Scissors so far. I had a blast figuring it out!!! Love writing code! It does not like me so well as I get stuck a lot on a bug fix or a logical error right at bedtime and then can't sleep, but I am trying to try to journal it so I can maybe work through it. Pandora streamed onto my bedroom TV seems to help though :) I have a cool NetGear NeoTV box player. Love the Pandora button directly on the remote! Coolness!

I also found a new tech gadget "Push 2 TV" adapter that sends your laptop monitor feed to an HDTV wirelessly. Only 20 something $$s so I am going to have that on my Birthday wishlist for this fall! Hee-hee.

I have the Week Three freebie for you below. It should stretch over 8 weeks total. :) That last week all the parts will still be available but I will take the links down one week after a kit finishes so make sure to come back!

The full kit once complete.
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sea Swept...the Beauty Continues on Sundays.

Welcome to week 2 of my Sea Swept Giveaway. Every Sunday I will be giving a part to a beautiful Personal Use kit. I am not currently selling in a store at the moment but my store bought kits are all scrap-for-hire/others compatible. My freebies are only for PU Use. My freebies will only be available for one week after the finish of a kit so make sure to come back every Sunday.

The full kit when complete.

I am hoping to get a tutorial made in the next few weeks as well leave a comment for me on what kind of tutorial you would be interested in.

Well this week last Sunday I was a traveling up to Minneapolis, MN, USA to see a game of baseball where the Minnesota Twins played the Chicago White Sox. It was so sunny and wonderfully warm. not too hot, just perfect 83 degrees, just right!

I am not much of a sun lover as I get sun stroke quite easily and would you know, I forgot to bring a hat? So... I did make it through the sixth inning about 2 hours out in the sun out of the 9 innings of the complete game. The price of food and drink amazed me!!! They wanted $4.50 for a bottle of water that sells for $1.50 in the grocery store. Gosh! Well, the Chicago White Sox ended up winning the game but it was a blast anyway and I went with my new BFF Tina up to the game. This was our summer trip from work at the car dealership, They treat their employees right! Wooooo! It was a perfect day!!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sea Swept...the Start of Something Beautiful on Sundays!

I am currently coming out of retirement and I am starting a weekly giveaway on Sunday.  Come on back weekly for the following coordinating freebies. This week I am posting the start of a very beautiful kit... Sea Swept. One of my personal favorites for summer.

And here is this week's freebie...

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Happy Scrapping,