Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Made it Through!

Hi hi everyone!!

So there I was lying flat on my back on a flat surgery table in the catheter lab during my heart ablation procedure. I was having low heart rates, swelling, and an irregular heart beat, especially a lot of PVC's, pre-ventricular contractions. So my heart was working 20% harder than it was supposed to be. We needed to do this procedure to avoid congestive heart failure.  Also my body was backed up with toxic fluids.

The procedure took ten hours. I was awake for most of it. They went in something like they do in an angioplasty procedure from the arteries. They had a camera and electrodes in there. They ended up burning twenty-four positions in the heart lining and around my pulmonary artery valve. phew! I am so glad I made it through all that!

I went back to work the next Monday, not even a full week off. I should have taken a full week and came back after Black Friday. lol. Best Buy was nuts!!!

Anyway, I can now walk without getting light headed or out of breath. My swelling is gone and my body is no longer all stiff and sore. I feel 10 years younger!!!

Thank you so so much for all the kind thoughts and prayers. It is so much appreciated.

Well... I am starting a new kit today. Sorry I did not get to it sooner. I have been back working and still tire a bit easily yet. My stamina will be back soon, I am sure. This post introduces the My Boys kit. It will be a five part kit. So here is the first part...

Week 1
Direct download HERE.

Week 1 of 5


oh, and I'd love to see any layouts made with my stuff :p - Crystal

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Last but not Least... Week 4 of Amalie

Well, I'm having my heart procedure (surgery) done this week. All prayers and kind thoughts are most welcome! I am excited to get this done so that I can feel better. :)

With that on my mind a bit I can't come up with anything else to post so I'll just say, " See ya later my friends!"

Direct download WEEK 4 HERE

I will see you next week: same time, same place :)

I am thinking maybe a boy kit again!
Happy Scrapping, Crystal

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week Three- Amalie Freebie and Eight Great Recipes

Hi everyone! I have been a busy lady lately. I missed my post last week. I have been working both jobs and putting in some 60-70 hours a week working.I just could not find enough energy to do a post. I simply could no think of anything to say either. So I have decided to search a few good recipes for you.

I just love (Sorry that there are no pictures here about these but I do not have permission to post them here.)


My favorite...

For the slow cooker-

Something good to try-
Classic at Home versions...

 Now for the Digital Scrapbooking Freebie that you have been patiently waiting for...

Here is week three of Amalie...
 Direct Download Part Three HERE