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Hi, hi all:

I am designing a few freebies again. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More for the "Lil' Lady" Scrapbooking Kit.

Hi all!

It's been a wonderful sunshine filled week here. The temps have been a bit cold and chilly in the 60's degrees F and about 16 degrees C . They say we had a polar vortex. It is strange to see such cool temps in mid July. But it is much more comfortable than the very hot hot July summers that we usually get. and now for a recipe...

Recipe- Strawberry Cheesecake Supreme

 Strawberries stand as sentinels around a colorful cloud of coconut-citrus cheesecake topped with more fruit and tufts of whipped cream.This recipe is found on the American website for Kraft Foods. And I pinned it on my Pinterest board as well...

Technology- Another one for my flash drive and stylus collections :)

LEGO's... Yay! This one is so much fun...
You can find this one online at BestBuy.com and in BestBuy stores in the computing section!


For This week's post on
 Digital Scrapbooking-Simple Scrapper has a nice way of saying it too!
 And...I have another piece, part 3 of my Lil Lady collection kit freebie, 
here you are...
Completed kit with all pieces collected and...

Part three
 Download Part 3, HERE.

Enjoy, my friends.