Friday, July 11, 2014

Another Week for the Ladies

Well goodness another week has went by already. My how the summer time flies. Between the two day jobs that keep me busy. I love to have the laptop out and off my feet for a while designing goodies for all of my scrap-booking friends. :)

Technology- I have a Chomecast already for streaming Netflix to my TV. I enjoy Netflix and Hulu+ on that device. Netflix is a movie streaming service. Hulu+ is a television service. Both can be watched with a Chromecast.

It is available at BestBuy stores here in the united States for $35. It has an HDMI connection on the end of the dongle device. You just plug this in to an HDMI port on your TV. You have to download the Chromecast software to your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can even then use your phone or tablet to control your TV. (example... Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet).

I have one and love it.I even cancelled my cable television account and bought a digital tuner antennae for local broadcasts and now just enjoy streamed TV and movies using my connected DVD player or my Chromecast device.

Now... For the weekly freebie portion of the Lil' Lady kit.

Direct Download Part 2 Here


Crystalnva said...

THANK YOU ;~} bunches...

lemondedis said...

thanks a lot ! i shared the link here :

Crystalnva said...
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Mary said...

thank you Crystal