Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring, it's so pretty!!!

Hello All,

Well another week logged and I must say, the spring new leaves on the trees are amazing. such a pretty color: new leaves!!! I love it! I should take a pic but I did not. oooo slap me with  a wet noodle, that is sooo BAD of me. mrhahahahahaaa!


Here are the elements for part 1of He's Got Game...

Part 1 below

Full sample kit when complete.
Download Part 1 elements HERE

Saturday, May 24, 2014

So Happy - Sit and Spin!!!

I am so very very happy today! After nine months, I finally got to spend some time with the number #1 son! He is 20 and in college. What a long hard time missing him. I am so happy I could just sit and spin mrhahahaaaaaa!

Today starts a new kit. This time I have a boys kit for you! This is a select grouping of papers and elements from my "He's Got Game kit from 2010. Wow, how time flies!


This is the complete kit when all parts have been collected.

This week Papers- part1 HERE

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Color Splash -May: Part Two -Elements

Well things are much better here. I started a new med to decrease the extra beats in my heart. I get PVC's which are usually harmless unless you have a lot of them... I have a lot of them. Oh, goodness!

So I start this new med and feel like a 4 hr hot flash going on with it. Oh, my! I was so hot and my cheeks and fingers were so so rosy! Apparently, I had developed flushing as a side effect. So... I will be switching that one to my night med routine, absolutely! lol.

Well my kiddo is home from college for summer break... I missed him something terrible! What a grown man he is turning out to be! I am so proud!

So... about the Color Splash kit... Here are the elements. The papers link is still available. The links will be up yet until the end of May. ENJOY!

Direct download Elements (links removed)
Papers (links removed)
I would love if you leave links to images of scrap pages or projects made with this kit!!! Just leave a comment here. Thank you so so much!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Last week of Autumn's Sky

Hi, hi!

Things were good this week. Made it through with little drama.

Man, the temperature is so cold here tonight though, -3 F  below zero. Brrrrr. 

The forecast? 
  • More cold
  •  more snow
  •  more winter...check. Just Brrrrr. Makes me want to stay in, that is for sure!
Well, for those who need the last section of Autumn's Sky... here is the last part. Enjoy!
Full kit once complete.

Links have been removed.

Other parts are also available.

NEW! Color Splash-May Sample for YOU!

Hello all, Welcome to my new blog. I am now designing as Crystal'z Colorz. (Formerly Crystal's Creations- By Design)

Well this spring has been a rough one for me. I caught a bad respiratory virus and have been hospitalized twice. Once I had fluid build up around my heart and all over my body. At first the Dr.'s thought I had Congestive Heart Failure. They did a heart echo sonogram and my heart was OK. PTL!
With this diagnosis they told me to avoid fluids so that I would not build up the fluids again. So I decreased my intake of liquids.  I ended up leaving my day job by ambulance because I felt so weird and dizzy the other day. Turns out I was dehydrated and my blood pressure had spiked. Oh, My, Goodness!!!

Well things are better, I still have a lingering cough. but otherwise things are getting there. I am still not at 100% recovery yet and have limited stamina. I love to be able to sit at my desk however and to  create some lovelies for you.

Color Splash is a series of colorful designs. This one I gave a monthly name to it instead of just a season of Spring. I love spring!! I thought that a bright colored kit for May would be nice. I hope that you like it!

Color Splash - May (link has been removed)

Elements will be next weekend!!
So come on back again next weekend!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Something coming ...

I should have the new kit for you this weekend. I have been sick and in the hospital from the respiratory virus that I caught this spring. I can't wait to show you this kit!!!  See you this weekend!