Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blimey!!!! OUCH!

Hello All! :)

I just want to pop in to post this week's portion of the Mello Moments kit.

Hopefully I'll find the time to write a bit more next week as I am off my feet due to a knee injury. Ack! Just when things were starting to go well after surgery... well, I did need to slow down a bit anyway. haha.

Yup, I was bent down cleaning and felt a minor stretch on my knee one day this week. Then I fell on my knees a couple times cleaning. Then I reached down to lift a heavy box of brochures from the floor and kinda felt another small stretch to the same area.

On the way out of our break room that afternoon I was just walking normally and felt a "POP" sensation in that knee. Criminy! Doctored all day the next day. What with x-ray and such. I find that it is a bad sprain. Both meniscus and ligament damage. Oy!

Well, at least I'll have a bit of time off to post something readable... mrahahahaha! Well... gonna wind up here and head to bed. I have a long day planned tomorrow with back to work and all. Oy!

Here is Week Two of Mello Moments.
 This the full kit if you collect all 6 parts!

 direct download Week 1/6 HERE

direct download Week 2/6 HERE.

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makeyesup said...

Thanks for part 2 of this gorgeous kit. Take it easy on the knee problem, once they start, you have to be sensible on what you do after all they are subject to weight bearing problems.

Stacey said...

thank you so much for part 2! omg - please take it easy. I hope you heal really quick and aren't in too much pain!