Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The next one...

Here is my second month of contributing to the I Believe Blog train. My Christian and spiritual friends have wonderful gift freebies for you this month. This month is "BRIDE." But first, a special request :|

Part of this group is it's spirituality. I'm asking a favor this month. I need your positive thoughts and prayers sent up.

In January I went for my annual doctors appointments and screenings. Well peeps, I failed my mammogram screenings this time. 

This week I was diagnosed with a form of pre-cancer called ADH and ALH. I have atypical hyperplasia. I have both types, ductal and lobule. One they do surgery, one they treat with medications, Since I have both, it's leaning toward surgery.

I'll let you all know a bit more next month. as I have an MRI scheduled next. Surgery is scheduled for March 23rd, in case it's needed. Anyway... don't miss any of the stops...

Here is my portion of Bride.

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