Sunday, April 15, 2018

Two by Two a Noah's Arc Story


What wild weather we have had here this weekend. It started Friday afternoon with wild thunder storms with hail and strikes of lightning. Not so bad but I wanted to be on my desktop computer at the time for an online Bingo at my haunt, It transitioned into an ice storm as the evening continued and the tempuatures dropped. Then some snow with stuck to the ice.

I had to work Saturday so I started my car 40 min. before my shift to soften up all of that ice and stuff. It softened up a bit then I had to scrape and scrape. sigh.

When I went to work yesterday about noon it was coming down as mini hail or sleet pellets.

I scraped mycar off again after work and barely made it home from work. The roads were terrible! Especially in the intersections and stop lights. I was tempted to not stop and barrel through. Egads!

Now I'm preparing for more of the same in white out conditions this morning for another shift at the electronics store that I currently work at. OY!

To lighten the day I have cute Noah's Arc kits for you. I hope that you enjoy our blog train this month.

Don't forget all the stops on our We Believe Blog Train!

Mini kit 1 here
Mini kit 2 here
Solids here
Animals here
Extra elements here
Extra papers here 


Check back later tonight for Cherish, the April Color Challenge freebie on Pinkadilly Ink!

Don't forget all the stops on our
 "We Believe Blog Train!"

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