Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's So Hot and Cold

Temperatures have been rising lately. We have had the hottest day on record for our summer so far today. 89 (F) degrees but really, really muggy. The heat index today was in the mid nineties (F). But, temps next week will be a lot cooler because of another arctic vortex.

So, I finally had some time today to get to the Lil' Lady kit section for you. Everything is OK here. Just extremely busy. I sometimes work 16 hr days a few in a row toward the end of the week and that happened this week. Oy! This weekend just seemed to come and go as well. phew... Here comes it again! LOL!

ENTERTAINMENT: I've even been too busy to watch my soap opera program. I am a die-hard General Hospital Soap fan. I really miss the other soaps that were on ABC as well. Jason is alive! woot. And Nathan is a sweetie (hottie) hee hee. And Dante and Lulu are so cute together. I am sure Nathan and Maxie will be a great storyline too. I am disappointed that Sonny and Olivia did not work out as a couple. I also would like to see Sabrina come back on the scene. 

ELECTRONICS:  Anyone excited for the fall technology show debuts??? I am! hee hee... lol.

SOCIAL/ RECIPE: I met up with my good friend Lorinda and her family this weekend and had the most awesome mouth watering mixed berry-peach cobbler...mmmmm...from Betty-Crocker, of course!

Now here is the section 7 piece of Lil' Lady digital scrap kit.
Sorry for the delay.

direct download: Part 7 HERE


Lana said...

Thank you so much and hope all is well for you.

Dragonsweaver said...

Thank you for the pretty kit.