Friday, August 1, 2014

Wow! amazing technology forecast for fall.


yes, I was very busy these last two weeks working hard 16 hr day 10 days in a row at both stores so I got the kit out a bit late last week. lol. Sorry abut that. Things get a bit quiet on the social side of things so a bit lonely around the edges here. :)

Work- Well our good old store at 19th street McDonald's is closing up on Sunday. The franchise corporation is building us a new restaurant down several blocks from it near a movie theater and a Costco. It's really exciting!!!

OLD one...

And the new one will be similar to this! Wow! it will be quite a big change. A good thing for me is a live in the middle to both of them so I am not any more further away than before. :)

Technology - Here is an illustration of a new smart watch coming out by HP collaborating with designer = Michael Bastian this fall, a good designer, indeed! NICE!

So if you have a device capable of Bluetooth wireless, you can add a wireless speaker or wireless headphones. S-weet! Samsung Level series. And their new just out Gear Live smart watch too!! Awesomeness!

And finally...  here is this week's portion of the Lil' Lady kit.
Direct download HERE
Have a good week!


Donna said...

Thanks Crystal for the great kit. I see that you are from Minn. I am too, If your in the SE part you probably aren't far from me. I'm in Nothfield.

makeyesup said...

More cute stuff, thanks for sharing. Neat watch.

Crystal Jozlin said...

Yes Donna, I am not too far from Northfield. I am in the MedCity, Rochester. :)

Mary said...

Thank you Crystal!