Monday, September 30, 2013

Concluding Sea Swept

Hi all,

I went away at the spur of the moment this weekend. I thought that my friend's internet connection up at her lake house would be strong enough to make my post, but alas, that did not work out. so I am late posting again this sorry!

I drove 3.5 hours, about 185 miles to her house up in Wilmar, MN. We cleared out her garden and picked several buckets of tomatoes. We were planning on making 5 recipes but ended up canning three recipes and had fresh tomato BLTs, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwiches. YUM!

We made salsa and jalapeno Christmas jelly and then a couple jars of Italian Stewed Tomatoes. Proved to be a very productive weekend. I made it home late last night, just in time to have a few hours before going in to work this morning. I had to basically unplug all weekend. I missed my Internet, LOL!

So, here is the last week and section of Sea Swept... Next Sunday I will post the first part of Autumn's Sky.

So this is next week's Freebie:
The full Sea Swept Kit...
Download  //  has been removed.


Dragonsweaver said...

Thank you for Sea Swept, its beautiful.

Dawn said...

Thank you so much - glad you had such a productive weekend - I have 2 huge old trees dripping in cooking apples .. wish me luck!!

Crystal Jozlin said...

Thank you for such a lovely compliment on Sea Swept!

Crystal Jozlin said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on Sea Swept! Good luck with those apples. MY Goodness!