Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sea Swept Freebie: Week Three

I acquired some huge zucchinis this week. I plan to bake a batch of zucchini snack break to take in to work. Yum! I am going to Google a recipe for this as I can not find my friend Betty's yummy yummy recipe. If it turns out tasting good then I will scrap it up and add it to the recipe pile!

I plan on having some recipe cards published into some 4x6 or 5x7 albums someday soon. I had been printing them out on my printer but I seem to be going through the ink that way fast! LOL. I ended up giving my album to my cousin Marsha when she was visiting. So now I have to peek at my tablet for my good "keeper" recipes! But that's alright, cause I love my tablet too!

On another note... The job hunt continues. I recently graduated in I.T. (computer work) and Business Admin. I have A.A. degrees in the fields. I am so excited to be done! But... Now they are teaching C# and writing apps. So cool. I can study the new course material for free, just a perk of doing the Tech route at Minnesota School of Business (Globe College). I only had to pay for the book, Woot!

I have made a cute little windows app to play Rock, Paper, Scissors so far. I had a blast figuring it out!!! Love writing code! It does not like me so well as I get stuck a lot on a bug fix or a logical error right at bedtime and then can't sleep, but I am trying to try to journal it so I can maybe work through it. Pandora streamed onto my bedroom TV seems to help though :) I have a cool NetGear NeoTV box player. Love the Pandora button directly on the remote! Coolness!

I also found a new tech gadget "Push 2 TV" adapter that sends your laptop monitor feed to an HDTV wirelessly. Only 20 something $$s so I am going to have that on my Birthday wishlist for this fall! Hee-hee.

I have the Week Three freebie for you below. It should stretch over 8 weeks total. :) That last week all the parts will still be available but I will take the links down one week after a kit finishes so make sure to come back!

The full kit once complete.
 download link has been removed.

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NathL Digiscrap said...

hello, just discovered your blog on Creative busy Bee freebies blog!
what a nice kit!
thank you very much :)
NathL from France
(shared this on my Pinterest freebies board)