Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Beauty for your Sundays - Sea Swept

Well this ended up being a harder week than I thought that it would be. My Birthday was an amazing day on Monday the 16th, I had a surprise invitation to lunch with my cousin. And then out of the blue I got together with my Dad for supper (It had not previously been planned either.) Then the week continued with job interviews and lots of running around.

I worked longer days than usual because I had taken off for My Birthday on Monday. A ten hour day on your feet is a long day. LOL!

Well the poll finished with Autumn skies in the lead to be the next freebie kit. I'll try to have larger parts so the kit finishes a bit quicker, say, in about a month instead of two months.

Well I'm going to finish this post and then schedule it to post tonight... I have house cleaning to do as I have a housing inspection on Tuesday.

FULL kit when complete (all parts)
Sea Swept

 download //  link has been removed.


Dawn said...

Just downloaded 6 parts of this beautiful kit - thank you so much!!

Lainie said...

Dear Crystal, Thanks so much for leaving all the links available to your kit. I so often miss some and it is so frustrating. This kit is so pretty, thanks again.
Joy and blessings, Elaine

Crystal Jozlin said...

Thank you for your lovely comments ladies!!! I enjoy them so much!